iOS 13 will bring a big dark mode update for iPhone

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If you are a fan of dark mode on almost every device you have, you will really like the next version of iOS.

This is because iOS 13, the update to iOS expected later this year, will finally add a system-wide dark mode, according to a new report from 9to5Mac.

According to 9to5Mac sources, the update will ship with a dark mode that you can control in the main settings app. Reportedly similar to dark mode in macOS, the iOS version will enable a darker theme across your phone. (Although presumably individual app developers would need to support the feature as well.)

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Also on the agenda for iOS 13: new multitasking features for iPad, an improved mail app, and a new "undo" gesture.

New iPad features promise a more flexible way to use multiple apps at the same time. Rather than simple split-screen multitasking, the update would allow each application to run in multiple smaller windows.

"Each window may also contain sheets that are initially attached to a part of the screen, but can be separated with a drag gesture, becoming a card that can be moved freely," according to 9to5.

Speaking of gestures, iOS 13 will introduce a new gesture to "undo" actions that will include a three-finger tap gesture that sounds quite complicated. (Although the current "shake to undo" that iOS has used for years is not intuitive either).

The Mail app is also set up to get some changes to the way emails are organized as the app will be able to categorize Gmail-like and Inbox (RIP) -like messages.

Finally, a small but significant change: Apple will supposedly change the on-screen graphic that appears when you change the volume on your iPhone. Presumably, the user interface, which has been criticized for so long that it has become its own meme, will not interfere with the entire screen just because you want to adjust the volume settings.

Of course, these changes remain rumors for now. Nothing is certain until WWDC, Apple's annual June event, where it shows off new updates to iOS and macOS. Until then, we'll have to obsess over Twitter's really black dark mode while we wait for more leaks.

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